Why would you spend £20,000 on a tin hut?

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I bet that headline grabbed your attention! Of course a static caravan is much more than a tin hut – it’s a holiday home, it means lovely family times, and it brings happy memories, rest and relaxation. But there is no denying it’s a big expense.

So, what is the benefit of owning your own Willerby or Cosalt static caravan? And why do people buy them?

The main reason owners cite is that they are making an investment in family life – spending time with children or grandchildren and other family members is priceless and makes memories that you will have forever. Or maybe you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Maybe your family takes up a lot of your time and you want to get away and spend some quiet time with your partner. Or perhaps you live in a busy city and crave the country lifestyle in your leisure time.

You may have a leisure or sporting activity that you love and want to be close to the sea for surfing or by a lake for fishing or in the mountains for hiking. Owning your own holiday home rather than renting means you can visit whenever you want and stay as long as you want. You can leave essentials in the caravan to make packing the car easier and you can have all your favourite things around you.

Other people see their caravan not as a holiday home but as a financial investment – renting it out to bring in an income. You can manage bookings yourself or they can be managed by the Park. If you are considering this option, don’t forget that static caravans depreciate in value so think about the time you plan to keep the caravan and make a wise investment – don’t get a shock when the time comes to sell your caravan.

Have you ever fancied a life abroad? Some people buy a static caravan as a cost effective base in the UK as they begin a new life abroad.

Or perhaps you’re planning to build a house or have some renovations to your home? If you need to move out while the works are carried out, perhaps you could live in a static caravan in your garden so you can keep an eye on the builders.

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