What to do if you have a problem with your caravan or Park?

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Hopefully you will have many happy and trouble free years of enjoyment in your static caravan. But sometimes problems can arise than threaten to spoil your experience.

The first port of call should always be the Park management, but if speaking to them does not resolve the issue, there are a number of organisations that can offer advice, depending on the problem.

Local Authority
All static caravan Parks must be licensed by the local authority and so a call to their Environmental Health Department can often help with health and safety issues.

Trading Standards
Any consumer protection law issues are enforced by the Trading Standards Service. So if your caravan is older than you were told or if the price differs from what was on the advertisement, contact Trading Standards. They can also deal with unfair contract issues.

Trade Associations
There are two associations that represent caravan parks: British Holiday & Home Park Association, usually referred to as the BH&HPA, and the National Caravan Council, the NCC. If your Park is a member they will be covered by a Code of Practice.

Their Code of Practice sets out various rules and ensures all owners are entitled to a formal written licence agreement. This should include details of the period of the licence, arrangements for when you want to sell your caravan, park rules, site fees and the complaints process.

Hopefully you will be able to resolve any issues you have direct with the Park, but if not one of these organisations should be your next stop. If the problem cannot be resolved, then perhaps Citizens Advice or a solicitor may be able to help.

Our advice is don’t not allow little problems to grow into big ones, keep communicating with your Park management and keep enjoying your static caravan. We don’t want you to have to sell your caravan and leave the Park but if that is the only option left to you, give us a call for the best price.

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