The static caravan buying process – part two

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Once we have spoken to you been and viewed your caravan, and then made payment our behind the scenes team takes over.

The first task is to speak to the Park to let them know we have bought the caravan, and to double check that you have completed the Park’s forms and paid your account and de-site fees. Once we have confirmed this we can start to organise collecting the caravan.

Most Parks are really helpful and can start the process of disconnecting the services like water and electricity and getting the caravan moved off its pitch quickly. Although at high season and during the closed season there can be a bit of a wait. We keep in touch with our Park contacts and try to make sure we co-ordinate collection with them.

At the same time we will have made calls to our buyers and sold the caravan – obviously for commercial reasons we won’t go into this part of the process too much (our competitors may read this!).

When we have the date that the caravan is going to be ready for collection from the Park, and we know where it is going, we can book transport. We work closely with a small number of trusted local transport operators and also use some companies based on recommendations from Park operators.

We let the transport company have all the details and the date that the caravan will be ready and ask them to book the truck to collect. Just before the collection day we always double check that the caravan is de-sited and ready for collection.

At every stage of the buying process we will keep you informed if you want us to. Some of our customers are happy just to leave things to us but others are keen to know when the caravan has been collected.

The timing of this whole process can vary depending on lots of factors, but usually we get caravans collected within a couple of weeks of our first contact with you. We are very reliant on our customers fulfilling their side of the bargain – ie completing Park paperwork, vacating the caravan, settling their account and paying the de-site fee. We also rely on the goodwill of the Park to help us out by getting the caravans ready for collection as quickly as they can. And finally, we are dependent on getting a truck booked to collect the caravan.

We buy (and sell) hundreds of caravans every year and so this whole process is going on at different stages for many different caravans at the same time – so although we make it look easy, there is lots to keep track of.

So if you are looking to sell your static caravan, fill in our online form or give us a call, and we can start this process with you.

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