Static Caravan selling advice for 2016

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More selling advice for 2016

We’ve given information on selling your static caravan on this blog before, but with the new season due to start on many caravan Parks around the UK it doesn’t hurt to revisit some sound advice.

If you’re thinking about selling your static caravan in 2016, make sure you know where you stand and do your homework before you jump in with both feet. Of course the caravan belongs to you, but the land that it is sitting on does not, which makes things different to selling say a second hand car. With a car you can stick a sign in the window or put an advert on a selling website to attract potential buyers, or you can go to a local car garage or an online car buying website to sell it quick. With all of these options you are in control and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to sell – well maybe your other half’s!

Selling a static caravan however is a bit trickier as there is the Park involved. The Park that owns the land your caravan is pitched on, and owns the access to your caravan. If you sell to the Park then this isn’t an issue, but you might not get the best price, or at this time of the year they probably have enough new stock to sell and may not want to buy your caravan at all. Or YOU may not want to sell it to THEM – maybe you’ve had issues with the Park and your relationship with them isn’t great.

You could sell it privately on the Park, but you still need permission from the Park AND you have to pay them 15% commission. If you go down this route be prepared for a long haul but do try to negotiate on the commission rate if you can.

Many static caravan owners find the best option for them is to sell to an experienced and professional caravan trader like us. We can give you the best price and also deal with any hassles with the Park and transport for you. All you need to do is contact us for the best price price, tell the Park you are leaving, sign the Park’s leaving paperwork (and pay the de-site fee) and we will do the rest.

Selling to us means money in the bank for your static caravan within hours or days, rather than weeks or months if you sell privately or to the Park. Don’t wait around, the Parks are getting ready to open and your 2016 site fees will be due. Get in touch …

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Right Price Statics

Are you thinking of selling your Static Caravan?

Why not get in touch with Right Price Statics and discover what your Static Caravan is worth?

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