Sell my static caravan

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Some holiday home owners visit their static caravan almost every weekend, while others are happy to just use theirs over holidays. Some have family and friends with them all the time while others use their caravan as a peaceful escape from their busy lives.

However you use your caravan, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in your environment. If you have had your current caravan for a while, you might want to think about an upgrade either on your current Park or at a new Park in a different part of the country or with different facilities.

Ask yourself these questions before you make the decision … Do I sell my static caravan?

Does your caravan have the right amount of space/bedrooms/storage for your needs?

Perhaps when you bought the caravan your family used it all the time and now they don’t. Perhaps your children are growing up and don’t come with you anymore. Or maybe you have grandchildren now and need more space. A newer, larger caravan could suit you better or one with a different number of bedrooms.

Does your static caravan have central heating and double glazing? Perhaps you are using it in the winter more and you would like to upgrade to get these extras?

Do you still like the décor and furniture in your caravan? Or would you like a more modern luxurious interior?

Do you enjoy the facilities and entertainment on offer at your Park? Are you on a busy Park and would prefer somewhere quieter?

Is your caravan too far away for you to get there as often as you’d like? Is it in the countryside and you’d like to try a coastal Park? Or have you had enough of the seaside life and want to try a rural environment.

Asking yourself these questions might make it clear that you do not want to sell your static caravan, but they might make you realise you are ready for a change.

If you do decide to sell your caravan visit our website for free information and advice. We can give you a great price and have the money in your account straightaway.

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