Why Right Price Static is the Right Choice…

Selling your static caravan is a big decision and you should think long and hard about what to do. Talk to your family and friends, speak to fellow caravan owners and weigh up the pros and cons.

You have enjoyed your time in your Holiday Home however, for whatever reason you have decided to sell your Static Caravan. When you bought your Holiday Home the caravan salesperson was helpful walking you through the process, looking to sell your Static Caravan can now seem very lonely.

It is difficult to know where to start, who can you trust to give you advice, what are the costs of selling a caravan?


You may also wonder how long it will take to sell your static caravan and want to know it's value.

Right Price Statics are here to hold your hand and guide you through the process. We will give you an honest valuation for your Static Caravan and also explain the options that are open to you such as a private sale, park sale and how the process works selling directly to us.

Right Price Statics

We help hundreds of people each year get the best price for their Static Caravan and provide a cash payment within hours.

There are normally 3 options open to you:

Sell the caravan back to the Park

Untitled-3This could be an option IF the Park is buying in when you want to sell. Tell the Sales staff at your Park that you are thinking about leaving and ask them if they would be interested in buying your caravan back. Whether they are interested or not can depend on many factors; the make and model of your caravan, the age of the caravan, the time of year, whether the Park is full or has empty pitches, and whether they have any budget left for buying in. Keep your options open because even if they are willing to buy the caravan back, the price may not be right for you.  

Sell the caravan on the Park

hour-glass-4This will involve advertising the caravan at the Park, in your local paper or on websites like eBay or specialist static caravan selling websites. You will have to take calls from prospective buyers and show people around the caravan yourself. This can be a very time consuming process and don’t forget if you sell you will have to pay the Park a commission on the sale (often 15%). That's if they don't steal your customer and sell them a static caravan from the showground for more profit than the 15%!  

Sell the caravan to Right Price Statics

checkWe will offer a great price with money in your bank quickly. We will come and view your caravan at a time to suit you within a couple of days of you contacting us. Our office will deal with the logistics of collecting the caravan. Our professional team can make selling your static caravan a hassle-free process.