Sell your caravan back to the Park?

  • October 8, 2019
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This article shows how owners can be shocked at the amount of money Parks can  re-sell their caravans for.

The amount of money you pay for your caravan, especially a brand new one, will be considerably more that the Park has paid to the manufacturer. We are all aware of that when we’re buying any high priced item – the seller has to make a profit right?

But when the Park buys your caravan back at a much lower price and then advertises it to re-sell back at almost the price you paid – as in this article – you have a right to be a bit upset.

How can you avoid this big hit to your finances?

  1. Keep your caravan for as long as possible. Don’t buy a static caravan if you plan to keep it for only a few years. As with buying a new car, selling a caravan shortly after buying it new will mean a big hit to your finances.
  2. Do your homework before you buy. Make sure you know how long you can keep the caravan on the Park. Many Parks have rules regarding the maximum age a caravan can be.
  3. Explore all the options for selling your caravan. Don’t just assume you have to sell it back to the Park. If you are not happy with their price then you have two options: sell privately on the Park or sell to a trader. As the article suggests, most parks do charge a commission for selling privately on the Park – often around 15%.

A quick internet search will bring you to lots of companies that will offer to buy your static caravan. Again do your research. Speak to the company to get a feel for them and the quality of their service. Make sure they won’t keep you waiting for your money until they sell your caravan.

Give us a call at Right Price Statics to find out what great customer service is like. We offer our best price for your caravan and you can have the money in your account with 24 hours. Our team is very experienced and will make the process of selling your static caravan as easy and painless as possible.

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