Keep safe with a carbon monoxide alarm in your caravan

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Boilers, water heaters, cookers, barbecues and any device that burns fuel can potentially give off harmful carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide is colourless so you cannot see it, odourless so you cannot smell it and very poisonous. There have been several recent incidents reported in the media where people have been overcome by carbon monoxide in holiday accommodation and sadly died. To protect yourself and your family at home or at your caravan make sure your heating and cooking appliances are correctly installed and keep them maintained. If you are worried about any of your appliances ask your Park for recommendations of qualified local tradespeople that can check and service them for you. Keep up regular checks and maintenance. Buy a portable audible Carbon Monoxide alarm and keep it at your caravan – check the batteries regularly – and sleep safely. These are available online or from large DIY stores and supermarkets and cost around £20.

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