Is it time to sell my static caravan? 7 questions to help you decide …

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It’s time to answer the question ‘How do I know its time to sell my static caravan?’

  1. Do you visit your static caravan more than ten times per season?
  2. Do you take friends and family with you to your caravan?
  3. Do members of your family use the caravan too?
  4. Do you enjoy spending time with your neighbouring holiday home owners?
  5. Do you regularly use the facilities at the Park?
  6. Do you feel the monthly cost of your caravan is money well spent?
  7. Do you have plenty of room in your caravan?

Mainly yes? Keep your caravan

If you can answer yes to most of these questions then congratulations you are really getting the most from your holiday home. The investment you have made is bringing you the priceless rewards of wonderful times and amazing memories with your loved ones.

Mainly no? Sell your caravan

But if you answer no to more than half of the questions then perhaps you are ready to spend your precious weekends and holiday time in a different way. Whether it’s a new hobby or pastime, travelling to visit new parts of the UK in a touring caravan or motorhome, or just getting away to new countries in Europe or further afield. Maybe it is time to sell your static caravan and using the money differently.

Or have the costs of holiday home ownership become difficult for you? Would you rather spend the money tied up in your caravan on things such as home improvements, holidays or helping out your family?

Don’t forget it’s not just the money you will get for your caravan but also the money saved from not paying annual site fees, gas and electricity, and from the travel costs of getting to and from your caravan.

Selling your static caravan is a big decision and you should think long and hard about what to do. Talk to your family and friends, speak to fellow caravan owners and weigh up the pros and cons.

If it is time for you to sell your caravan, contact – we can offer the best price and help take the hassle out of selling your caravan.

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