Have you set a budget for buying a static caravan?

  • October 1, 2019
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So you’ve decided you definitely want to invest in a static caravan for your family holidays. You know whether you need a two or three-bedroom model. You know you want a modern open-plan decor. You know you want to be on the coast in a Park with lots of amenities.  But have you settled on your budget for all of this?

All Parks are businesses run to make a profit, so of course they want you to spend as much as possible. Make sure you have a budget so you don’t overspend. Ask questions of the Sales staff. Check and check again what is included and what extra expenses are involved.

Sit down and work out exactly what you can afford as a one-off up-front payment and for annual costs.

Then really do your homework with regard to all the costs involved in buying and owning a static caravan. These are some of the things to consider:

  • The model of caravan and its size – prices can vary considerably from the basic show caravan if you start to add extra bedrooms, higher spec interiors etc
  • Decks/veranda – not included in most caravans, make sure you know the options available as decks can be very expensive
  • Site fees including charges for leisure activities – these are the charges for the upkeep of the Park and for services such as security, entertainment, leisure activities etc. Often the site fees etc are included for the first year, but don’t forget to find out what they add up to so there are no surprises after the first 12 months.
  • Utilities – gas/electricity/water
  • Finance fees – if you take out a loan/finance to buy the caravan
  • Insurance – the Park will usually recommend an insurance provider. Make sure you shop around as you would with car or home insurance.

Get all these costs itemised in writing.

Also consider how long you plan to keep the caravan and divide the overall costs by the number of years you predict you will be using it. Think about how many times a year you will visit and how often family can make use of it. Would it be cheaper to just rent a caravan?

Ask the Sales staff what happens when you come to sell the caravan. Do they offer a buy back service? What is the charge to de-site the caravan?

If you are thinking of selling your static caravan, contact us to find out what your caravan is worth.

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