Does decor affect how much my static caravan is worth?

  • July 17, 2019
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As static caravans buyers we see everything from pristine ‘like-new’ interiors to some rather suspect attempts at DIY in the static caravans we view. It is always best for your static caravan’s re-sale value to not change to the original interior design. Changes such as wallpapering or painting walls or removing furniture can affect how much your caravan is worth when you want to sell your static caravan.

But of course we all want to put our own stamp on our holiday home – so how can you do that without affecting its value when you come to sell your static caravan?

One of the easiest ways to personalise a static caravan is with soft furnishings like rugs, throws and cushions to complement the existing curtains and sofa covers. Choosing a toning colour scheme or even a clashing ‘pop’ of colour will make the space feel unique. Check out magazines for inspiration. These items can be bought fairly cheaply on the high street, online or even at your local supermarket.

Ornaments, family photos and personal touches like holiday souvenirs can also make the caravan feel more homely. And in the bathroom and bedroom, some stylish towels and bedding can instantly lift the space.

And of course, when you decide to sell your static caravan or trade up to a newer model, you can take all the cushions, ornaments etc with you and re-use them.

When we come to look at your static caravan to buy it from you, we don’t expect it to be perfect. But we will usually take photos so if you can have a quick tidy up it will look its best.

And please don’t try to hide any problem areas. If you’ve had a leak or a stain on a carpet for instance, we will notice it. But it won’t necessarily reduce the value – it just helps for us to know what needs doing when we have bought the caravan.

So if you’re asking yourself ‘How much is my caravan worth?’ contact us today.

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