Do I buy a static caravan?

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If you are thinking about buying a static caravan, you really must ‘try before you buy’ and stay in either a friend’s caravan and hire one at a holiday park. If you want to buy a static caravan having a test run weekend or week’s holiday will allow you to find out if a static caravan is for you. It can be a very expensive mistake to buy a caravan and then the following year realise it is not for you and have to sell the caravan at a big loss.

Location of the Park

Think about whether you want a rural or seaside location, whether you like rolling landscapes or rugged mountain scenery. Consider whether you want to be near a town or tourist centre or in a more remote location. The location of the Park is really important; don’t forget you will be visiting the area many times in the life of your caravan. If it is a long journey from your home it might prevent you from visiting as often as you would like. Visit the Parks you have shortlisted but also the surrounding area. If you don’t know the areas very well pop into the local tourist information office and find out about things to do nearby.

Facilities of the Park

Within the Park do you want lots of going on and a busy social scene or would you rather have a quiet peaceful restful Park which has minimal activities? Do you want to be on a big Park with lots of facilities or a small more exclusive Park? Some Parks cater for families staying with their children or grandchildren – kids entertainment such as sports and discos, and for the grown-ups social events such as bingo and shows. Do you want sports facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools or football pitches?

Renting out your caravan

Another consideration when choosing a Park is whether you want to make money from your Caravan by renting it out. Some parks cater for the rental market so you can make some money when you are not using your caravan, whereas others are strictly for owners and their families only.

Park rules and regulations

Speak to other owners on the Parks you are interested in –ask what the Park is like and what the management is like. Try and get the whole picture of life on the Park rather than just the sales pitch. Some Parks have long lists of rules about all aspects of the use of your caravan and the Park’s facilities. Others are less regimented. Make sure the rules are clear and suit you and your family.

Selling your caravan

As you consider buying a caravan, also think about how long you plan to keep it. Check the Park’s rules on selling your caravan ready for when it comes time to sell it in the future.

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