Static caravan costs – can you afford it?

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After the initial outlay of buying your caravan, you may think – ‘that’s it free holidays from now on’ – but be warned, there are still monthly and annual costs to consider when you own a static caravan.

These costs can include:

 Monthly finance payments if you took finance to purchase your caravan

 The annual site fees which can range from around £1,000 right up to over £5,000 depending on the Park and its facilities

 Your utility bills – gas and electricity

 Caravan insurance

 Other costs including repairs/maintenance and also the annual drain down service if this is taken

 Travelling costs when you visit the caravan

You can minimise these costs by only buying the size and specification of caravan you really need and can afford. A bigger caravan will cost more in energy and insurance. Try to avoid expensive finance and always shop around for the best deal before you sign on the dotted line.

Just as at home, switch off lights and appliances when you are not using them and try turning down the thermostat on your heating one degree to save energy, and money. With your caravan insurance beware of ‘over-insuring’ – try and be accurate with your contents and don’t pay for more cover than you need. And remember insurance costs may be higher of you let the caravan out to holidaymakers.

Get several quotes if you need repairs or maintenance and ask your neighbours for recommendations, don’t just assume the first quote is reasonable. Travel costs obviously increase as the distance travelled increases. If you know you will be visiting your caravan very regularly, choose a Park that is fairly close to your home to minimise travel costs.

Keeping costs down can help with the affordability of your static caravan, but if the time comes when the costs are too much and you want to sell your caravan, give us a call for the best prices.

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