5 top summer static caravan tips

  • July 17, 2019
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We all love the summer weather but how do you cope with some of those annoyances that come with increasing temperatures you are hoping for when you buy your static caravan. We have 5 top tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the summer in your static caravan:

  1. Apply sun cream regularly and use after sun

Sunshine is good for us in small doses but taking care not to get sunburn or heat stroke is really important especially for children. Pharmacies and supermarkets are full of sun creams and after sun lotions to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Check what your static caravan site’s shop has in stock and make sure you use it. Don’t forget to wear a sun hat or get a parasol for your veranda.

2. Stay out of the midday sun if you can

Staying out of the heat of the midday sun is always a good idea – going inside your static caravan to take a siesta like in Mediterranean countries will help you to cool off and preserve energy for the afternoon and evening’s holiday fun. Close your static caravan’s blinds or curtains to keep the sun from heating up the bedrooms inside. Use this time to play card games or do a jigsaw or just catch up with your neighbouring static caravan owners.

3. Cool down

A cool shower can take the heat out of over exposed skin and using a cooling after sun lotion can help, and even a simple fan. Treat yourself to a lovely summery fragranced shower gel just for your caravan – coconut or pineapple for that exotic smell. Or head off to your static caravan site’s swimming pool to cool off and have fun.

4. Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated is very important too and you can lose lots of water through perspiration in the heat – stock your static caravan’s fridge with lots of long cool drinks with ice and ice lollies for the kids. Better still make some homemade lollies yourself with your favourite fruit juices.

5. Annoying insects

A common annoyance of the summer can be flying insects especially wasps that always seem to congregate when you eat outdoors. Citronella candles can be lit to keep them away or use a fly screen across open doors and windows if you’re inside your static caravan.


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