Caravan Parks re-opening soon

  • February 15, 2016
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Many Parks are due to re-open at the beginning of March which means you only have a couple of weeks before you can escape to your caravan and start enjoying the first of many visits in 2016.
As your opportunities to visit are limited by the Parks opening months, you need to make sure when you are at your caravan you make the most of it. Do you do the same things every time you visit? Why not try and plan your activities to the seasons?
Spring clean
While the weather is still a bit chilly, use your time to wrap up warm and take some bracing walks. Explore corners of the Park you haven’t been to before or sign up for some activities. Check out the local tourist information office or get online and find out what is happening locally. If you love music or comedy, why not find out what local theatres or pubs have coming up when you next plan to visit. Get out and enjoy the new spring flowers and foliage or take the kids or grandkids to see baby lambs at local farm parks.
Summer chill out
During the summer when the UK gets its best weather, try and enjoy being outside as much as possible. Encourage the family onto the beach or out into the countryside. Barbecues and picnics can turn meals into fun family times, so eat outdoors when the weather allows! And don’t let the rain spoil things, with umbrellas and raincoats you can still get outside.
As the nights draw in you can enjoy the indoor activities on offer at your Park. Why not switch off your TV and rediscover playing cards and board games – either with the kids, or accompanied by a nice beer or glass of wine, with your neighbours!
Or maybe you want to sell your static caravan?
If you are really not feeling the love for your holiday home anymore, and are dreading rather than looking forward to the new season, then maybe it’s time to sell your static caravan before the season starts. There is still time to get in touch with us and make 2016 the year you do something different altogether.
We are professional static caravan traders with many years of experience in the holiday home industry. We know the market inside out and we can offer great static caravan valuations.
If you have decided to sell then give us a call or fill in our online form and sell your static caravan to us.

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Right Price Statics

Are you thinking of selling your Static Caravan?

Why not get in touch with Right Price Statics and discover what your Static Caravan is worth?

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